Orange Parents,

We encourage our families to pick up Parent Cue Cards and God Time Cards from our children’s tables that are located in the Narthex and Family Life Center lobby. These materials will enrich the Orange experience for your family. Families have the most opportunity to influence their children’s development of faith, and these materials will support that important role.

Our children are also asked to perform chores and earn offerings. Our children’s offerings are used for local mission opportunities. Example: Restock our local food pantry shelves

​To get even more involved as an Orange parent, go to: Orange Parents
Child Safety and Check-in
If your child will be attending our Sunday morning program or nursery, please check them in at one of the computer stations. These stations are located in the lobbies of the Family Life Center and Children's Building. Middle school children may check in themselves in the M.F.C., where they meet. Any computer can be used to check in your child. If your child has never been with us before, you will be asked to provide information in order for them to be properly registered. The information collected is kept confidential and will not be shared with any third parties. Upon registration, you will receive an "in slip" and name tag for your child. The "in slip" will be given to the volunteer in your child's worship area. When you are ready to pick up your child, please check them out of the computer and present the "out slip".