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The FUMC Pearland library is located in Bethel Room 109.

Its operating hours are Tuesday and Wednesday from 10:00 a.m. until 12:00 pm and Sunday 8:00 am until 12:00 noon.

Church members may check out a key from the church office to use the library at other times.

Your church library contains over 7,280 volumes of reference and inspirational books, tapes, videos, DVDs, and CDs. Primary concentration of materials in the library is on the 200 or religious section of the Dewey Decimal Library Classification System. We also have fiction and non-fiction for all ages. Special sections have been designated for Methodist-related materials, John Wesley and the other Wesleys, Bibles, and Jim Fleming.

The library is run completely by volunteers.



By Carol Bryce

The Pearland FUMC Library has a room, Room 107B, that’s filled with Christian fiction books. The library is open on Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings, so check it out. Here are highlights of three library books I’ve enjoyed reading this summer. All are published by Guideposts’ Books and Inspirational Media Division.

Going to the Chapel: Tales from the Grace Chapel Inn by Rebecca Kelly

Grace ChapelThe long-time, beloved minister of Grace Chapel recently passed away, and he’s sorely missed by the congregation. Every Sunday, church members listen to a sermon from a different minister who would like to take over their pulpit. The church board finally choses a new pastor, despite the strong objections of some of its members to this outsider from Boston and his big-city ways. The late pastor’s daughters -- Louise, Jane and Alice –  run a bed and breakfast called Grace Chapel Inn in the village of Acorn Hill. The three decide to join forces to help the townspeople get to know the new pastor and make him feel welcome in their rural Pennsylvania town. But the sisters have many hurdles to overcome, especially since one of the new minister’s chief critics is their own Aunt Ethel. This book is from the Tales from Grace Chapel Inn series.

Chasing the Wind by Patricia H. Rushford

Chasing the WindAnnabelle Scott loves her job as Nursing Supervisor in the Cardiac Care Unit at Deerfield’s Hope Haven Hospital. But the past few weeks have brought a multitude of challenges to both Annabelle and her colleagues. For one thing, popular surgeon Dr. Drew Hamilton has suffered a heart attack, and he’s jeopardizing his recovery because he refuses to stay home to rest and recuperate. Then a severe storm strikes the town, bringing destruction and death. As throngs of critically injured people arrive at Hope Haven for treatment, the hospital’s medical staff must postpone their concerns about their own damaged homes and work together to save lives. This book is from the Stories from Hope Haven series.

The Canadian Conundrum by Susan Plunkett and Krysteen Seelen

Canadian C2Someone is trying to prove that the San Juan Islands are legally part of Canada and not the U.S., and Sparrow Island’s residents are concerned about how repatriation of the islands to Canada could affect their jobs, schools and pensions. A group that’s working to raise support for secession is causing havoc, and the islanders are all taking sides. Local ornithologist Dr. Abby Stanton sets out the learn the truth and identify the group that’s funding the secession effort. As she researches treaties and other historical documents, several elderly islanders, including her own parents, are approached by mysterious strangers who want to buy their homes. What does all this mean for the future of the San Juan Islands? This book is from the Mysteries of Sparrow Island series.


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