FUMC Pearland Sunday School

FUMC Pearland has a full range of Sunday school classes for PreK - 12th grades. We also have a variety of classes for adults.

9:30 - 10:30 am

Children (PreK-6th Grade)

The Ark Nursery/Childcare

Nursery/childcare is provided for children ages eight weeks to three years on Sunday mornings. For church events during the week and evenings, upon request, nursery/childcare is provided for children ages eight weeks and up. Click here for more information.

Preschool Clubhouse

Ages 3 - PreK 5

The Three’s go to the Red room, C6, and the four’s and PK five’s go to the Orange room, C5. Small group time consists of crafts, songs, and lessons based on each Sunday’s Bible lesson. Children can be picked up from their small group classrooms at 10:45, or can stay while parents are in the 11:00 am worship services.

Children's Sunday School- The Clubhouse

K - 4th grades | 9:30 - 10:30 am
We want to provide an environment in which children are safe, are taught at an age-appropriate level, and are encouraged to develop a relationship with Jesus Christ. Sunday School is about discipleship, fellowship, and growing and learning about Christ. Children meet in their respective classrooms in the Children's Building. There is a time of fellowship, lessons, crafts, discussion and prayer. For more information, conatct Aimee Jamison, Director of Children and Family Ministries.

Middle Schoolers (5th & 6th Grade)

Middle Schoolers meet in the Memorial Fellowship Center for fellowship, lessons and fun. You can usually find donuts or kolaches, too! For more information, contact Susan McElya.

Youth Sunday School (7th - 12th Grade)

Jr. and Sr. High students meet for Sunday school at 9:30 am in the Youth Building. Sunday school classes are led by an adult teacher with a focus on Bible-based learning and discussion. For more information, contact Susan McElya.

Adult Sunday School Classes

For information about any othese classes, contact Lindsey Hoffman, Spiritual Formation Coordinator. Sunday School is from 9:30 - 10:30 am.


9:30am | Bethel Building Room 201
We are a small class of varying ages and levels of Christian knowledge and experience. We are dedicated to studying the Bible and discovering how God’s Word applies to our lives today. While the class leader prepares lessons in advance with the help of commentaries and other aids, we very much encourage and enjoy the insights, knowledge, and questions shared by class members in our lively discussions each Sunday.

Disciples 2x2

9:30am | Bethel Building Room 211
Our mission is to grow as people of faith, in relationships nurtured in Christian love, with others who are seeking to grow spiritually and be in service to each other and others in our community. We are married couples (married 10+ years.) Our children are elementary through high school ages. We are involved in several special projects/missions throughout the year as a class and in small groups. We have many opportunities to serve others and to use the gifts God gave us.


9:30am | Bethel Building Room 206
We are a lively and diverse group, who have chosen to explore the journey of faith together. We are a lively and diverse group, who have chosen to explore the journey of faith together. The focus of all the classes is to apply Biblical texts to everyday life and to explore with each other challenges that are faced on the journey, to share with each other how these challenges are faced, and to share ideas to overcome such challenges. The classes are usually filled with conversation. Interaction is encouraged. If you like to talk, share and learn from others, come join us.

New Life

9:30am | Bethel Building Room 210
The New Life class is a group of enthusiastic adults ranging in age from 50s through young 70s. Many of us have grandchildren. We share a common interest in how to apply the Bible to our families, ourselves, and our friends in everyday life.We frequently have special devotions and delicious food to enjoy together. We welcome you to visit our loving and caring class. Come join us for new life through Christ!

Open Door

9:30am | Chapel (downstairs in the Bethel Building)
Our Class is an open door for the young at heart looking for an in-depth study of the Bible. We study from the International Lesson Series for Adult Bible Studies. The lessons in this Bible series alternate quarterly between New and Old Testament. Four times a year, the class gathers to share good food, fellowship and entertainment.


9:30am | Bethel Building Room 200
Wayfarers is a newly formed class at FUMC Pearland. A Wayfarer is a traveler. One who is on the way and one who LIVES on the way! The class is a group of adults, ages twentyish to fortyish. Many class members are married with growing families, yet our class is open to all.

Groups provide an environment for people to grow in Christ. A call to discipleship and spiritual maturity is a call to biblical community. We also grow in our personal relationships by having fellowship activities throughout the year.

Renewed Beliefs

9:30am | Parlor (Church Adminstration Building)

The Renewed Beliefs Sunday School Class is a group of middle aged adults who seek spiritual growth through a non-traditional understanding of the teachings of Jesus. With less focus on Church doctrine, the class discussions revolve around ways to live a meaningful life that shares the same core principles emphasized by Jesus. If you are open-minded, enjoy lively and diverse discussions, and are looking for a non-traditional approach to the teachings of Jesus, visit Renewed Beliefs.


9:30am | Bethel Building Room 106
Our Class includes a mix of ages. We have couples, singles, widows, widowers, great-grandparents, mostly grandparents. All are young at heart! Because we have enough years behind us that we recognize the fragility of our lives, we are serious about caring for one another. We are a Bible study group with lots of discussion and many points of view. When possible, we quietly lend a helping hand to the needs in our church and community.

Susanna Wesley

9:30am | Bethel Building Room 107
We are a class of women. We are a diverse group focusing on the Bible, supporting each other and ways to serving the Lord.

Upper Room

9:30am | Bethel Building Room 208
This is a mature group of adults from 60 years old and up (maybe mostly up). We welcome any person, married or single, who wants to learn about God’s saving grace through Jesus Christ. The class is an open forum, where discussion and opinions are encouraged. Daily Bible reading is recommended. This group loves to get together! There are socials periodically, usually at the church. Often, this is a covered dish affair and offers a great opportunity for us to get to know each other better.


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