August 27, 2018

1:00pm – 3:00pm

SoulCollage is an intuitive process of self-discovery using a collage of images you create on cards, using magazine pictures, to reveal of the many aspects of yourself.  It is a powerful tool of Soul Tending in our personal spiritual development.  It can be a way to see and know small miracles which happen within us; to understand our soul is whole and no matter our experiences in life, that spark of the Holy is in all our souls. 

Pastor Barbara is a Certified Facilitator of the SoulCollage process and is offering this introductory session to see if there is interest in having an on-going monthly session to facilitate SoulCollage work which is grounded in Christian Spiritual Development.  Tap into the transformative power of imagination that can be like dreaming on paper.  No artistic or creative skills needed. 

For more about the SoulCollage process, go to

Contact Pastor Barbara for more information.

Meets every other Monday starting August 27


Sept 17 – Prisca - self

Oct. 15 - Martha – truth teller

Nov. 19 - Elizabeth - acceptance

Dec 17 –  Mary Mother of Jesus


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