Financial Snapshot


This is a story about Angel. Angel is a ten year old that lives in our neighborhood. We learned about him from our project to deliver backpacks to needy students in PISD.   Angel is a kid with a big and pure heart, and like many kids in his family situation he is just trying to survive. Rahel Yoo learned about him from the school he attends, and in her words, “has been thinking about Angel everyday and praying for his family.”

She reached out to the school, and Angel was asked “If you could have one wish granted…that’s realistic...what would your wish be?” Angel replied, “cooking supplies and food.” He went on to say how he loves to cook food for his siblings and that he does it quite often when his mom is tired. He cooks scrambled eggs and grilled cheese. He also went on to say that he would love some cookbooks to get other ideas.

Here is a ten year old boy, being asked to have one wish granted of anything he wanted, and he immediately responds that his desire is to receive something that will help others. What a great example of  connecting all to the greater life Jesus Christ has to offer. A child is showing us that our desire to take care of the least of those among us is exactly what we should do. This is what discipleship is all about.

Angel will indeed receive the material things he has requested. More importantly, he will receive the love of Christ as exampled by what we do and what we give from this church. I can just imagine Jesus’ saying to us when he heard Angel’s reply…“Go and do likewise.”

NOVEMBER 2018 Financial Snapshot

Total Income                                      $183,364

Total Expenses                                 (238,443 )            

Net Proceeds                                      ($55,079)


Our Income/Expense for the month of November was slightly less than our budget projections, with our contributions  to the General Fund about $5k under budget.  Our overall projections based upon your contributions and other income through the end of the year  are still on target. With additional year-end giving, we should be able to finish the year strong. Our Mission:Possible Campaign continues to exceed expectation; we have received $2,091,610.48 of the $2.3m pledged, which is $91% of our goal!

The months of August through November have a great missional emphasis, with our Backpack program, Thanksgiving Baskets, and Angel Tree efforts leading the way.  Additional focus has been on Spiritual Growth and Stewardship.  The Golf Event in October was a great success-everyone had a great time fellowshipping together, and we netted $26k in income for the General Fund!  And by the grace of God we were able to purchase the five acres of land adjacent to the Redeemer Campus after much negotiating and prayer, enabling us to do even greater ministry in the Manvel area.

Our year-end report will provide much greater detail as to the many things God has blessed us to do in 2018 to Connect All to a Greater Life in Christ!



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