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Ministry Council Approves a New Capital Campaign

In the meeting held October 29, 2018, our Ministry Council heard a presentation from David Goran, Alan Radwanski, and Mike Thompson regarding the results of a Feasibility Study conducted by Horizon’s Stewardship and our potential for a new capital campaign. 

David began the presentation by discussing some of the confusion about a new campaign and why should consider moving forward with this. He stated, “the fundamental reason you run a capital campaign isn’t that different from why you exist as a church. We exist as a church because we believe there is a greater life in Christ and we want to connect people to that life. Before Jesus ascended into Heaven, his last words to that group of disciples was, ‘Go into the world and make disciples’. Thus the church was born with that mission. That’s what churches do: we make disciples. Just like the church isn’t a building but about a people, a capital campaign isn’t about bricks and mortar but about reaching people, making disciples of Jesus Christ.”

Alan then spoke about the successes we have experienced with our Redeemer Campus, such as the growing worshipping community, and the number of baptisms and dozens of professions of faith (with more to come soon). So many people from this community are growing deeper in the personal walks with Christ. The opportunity to reach more people is enormous! We are at capacity, not just in worship space but in children’s and youth space. A capital campaign allows us to devise a strategy for a longer-term solution, allowing us to continue making disciples.

Mike spoke about some of the challenges that we face at the Pearland Campus, but how we have achieved success in several areas, most notably our Youth Ministry where by enlisting the help of a consultant and crafting a blueprint to renovate our Student Ministry, this ministry is moving forward with renewed energy, focused vision, and the making of disciples in students. What we now need to consider is what, if any, changes can be made not only to our current Youth Building, but also to our Memorial Fellowship Center (currently one of the most used buildings on our campus) to update these buildings to be attractive and inviting to new people from our community. There are other items that are currently being reviewed as potential updates for the Pearland Campus to realize the opportunity we have to show the community there is stuff happening here, we really do care about discipleship and we are committed to leading families towards Jesus. 

What was most exciting about the presentation is that this campaign presents a unique opportunity to do some refocusing on making disciples, as a revitalization and refocusing of our church.  

Mike then presented the results of the campaign feasibility study conducted in August by Horizons. The feasibility study determined that the potential amount we could look to raise in a new campaign would be $2.6 to $3.1 million dollars; we have an additional ability to borrow up to $1.5 million. Mike recommended that due to the positive results from the feasibility study, the Ministry Council should move forward with a new capital campaign to begin at the conclusion of the Mission Possible Campaign.

After brief discussion a motion was made and seconded, the Ministry Council approved the motion unanimously.

Please be prayerful as we make plans to embark on this campaign in 2019.  We really do want to move forward as a church, but more importantly building the Kingdom through this church. Should you have any questions or need additional information,  please feel free to contact Mike Thompson ( ).


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