The God Guarantee

bread-and-fish-largeIn John 10:10, Jesus said I came so that they could have life—indeed, so that they could live life to the fullest”. Following a path together toward true abundance shows us how God promises to fill our every need today. This is God’s guarantee. For the next few weeks, our sermons will focus on a theme from the Gospels which will help us learn to trust God in our complex and challenging world, and allows us to find and understand God’s pattern of provision. Our fall Stewardship Series is The God Guarantee, and is based on a book written by Jack Alexander. This challenging book will help us understand a set of four distinct principles that illustrate the rhythm of our relationship with God and enable us to understand the guarantee of abundance that God offers to all of us.  Jesus’ life and ministry are revealed to us in four separate texts in the New Testament. These are the Gospels related by four different authors. Each one is full of miracle stories that show how Jesus met the physical needs of those around him. Yet only one miracle prior to the resurrection appears in all four Gospels. This underscores its importance.


Scripture tells us that on one instance where Jesus was teaching, he felt compassionTLC-Large_BAPTISM-1 for a great crowd of people (5000 men were estimated-who knows how many more women and children?), and instructed his Disciples to feed them.  The Disciples, seeing how many people were there and not having the resources to comply, were totally unprepared for this request.  Sure, they had seen Jesus perform miracles, but was this beyond even his abilities? As he was given five loaves and two fish, Jesus did the impossible. He instructed the crowd to sit. He took the food, blessed it, broke it, and gave it.  All the people ate until they were filled!



Throughout this sermon series, we will focus on this miraculous event and break it down into four distinct actions: (1) He TAKES (we discover capacity), (2) He BLESSES (we consecrate, invite him in), (3) He BREAKS (he reorders our lives through challenges), and (4) He GIVES (he provides, often through community). We are excited to share this wonderful message of God’s guaranteed provision. I invite you to join us each week as we journey to the place where miracles do indeed happen, and where we honor God for His faithful guarantee of abundance. Every aspect of our worship will be rooted in His promise. We long to engage in abundant ministry, abundant mission, abundant witness, abundant service, abundant praise, and most of all, abundant life!bigstock-Unit-and-concord-in-multiethni-99019064




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