PSM Vision Summit Report

PSM Philosophy of Ministry

Pearland Student Ministries exists to equip Students to be engaged Christian Disciples so that more young people may be connected to Christ.

Pearland Student Ministries strives to be a safe place for students to grow and explore their faith by welcoming, loving, and inviting ALL students and their families.

Pearland Student Ministries is a Student-driven community where students look to serve God by serving others.

Pearland Student Ministries works to connect the hearts of parents to their students and the hearts of students to their parents. 

Next, we do identify that there are "gaps" that will need to be addressed in order to realize this philosophy. There were some ideas that can be quickly implemented such as planning more mission activities and beginning utilizing social media more to promote our Ministry and events.

Larger initiatives will be tackled over the next six months.  The Renovation Team charged with overseeing the Youth Ministry Architects recommendations will incorporate the action plans into our timeline of work until an on-going Leadership team is ready to take over.


PSM Action Plans

  1. Develop a training program for adult volunteers to better equip them to mentor and lead our students.
    1. Clearly teaching and helping volunteers embrace our Philosophy of student ministry
    2. Helping volunteers gain the tools to engage with students.
    3. Continuing to improve by questioning the process and seeking out feedback.
  1. Create a Student Leadership Council to empower our students to participate in Ministry and to lead others to Christ.
    1. Clearly teaching and helping Students embrace our Philosophy of student ministry
    2. Giving Students leadership and helping them take ownership in the Ministry
    3. Equipping Students to lead by giving them the tools for the task.
  1. Establish a PSM Advisory Council to partner with the Ministry staff to monitor progress toward goals and keep the church informed and accountable for supporting the ministry.
    1. Clearly teaching and helping Laity embrace our Philosophy of student ministry
    2. Building leaders in our Student ministry
    3. Giving Laity leadership and helping them take ownership in the Ministry
    4. Growing the future of our Student Ministry

Finally, we will set 18 month goals for the program that include six month milestones to guide our work and evaluate the effectiveness of our efforts.

Thank you to all who took place in this process.  These are the things that continue to build on our foundation for the future of Pearland Student Ministry


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